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Frequently Asked Questions

Are private practice Dietitians covered by OHIP?

OHIP does not cover private practice Registered Dietitian services. However, some extended health benefit plans (eg. Manulife, Sunlife, Greenshield) may cover our services. It is our recommendation that you call your plan provider and inquire about your coverage. We do not bill directly, meaning the client pays up-front and then can submit to their insurance independently. However, our services are also tax deductible in Ontario. 

How do you see clients? How do I book an appointment?

I use a safe and secure online system to see my clients. This system allows me to see clients virtually and work with anyone in the province of Ontario! You can request to book an appointment easily using the "Request to Book" button at the bottom of this page. 

Do I need a referral from a physician?

No, it is not necessary to have a physician or health care provider's referral. However, sometimes your insurance may require a referral for reimbursement. 

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